Robin Williams is dead.  His death is possibly a suicide, but the police are still investigating.  Good bye Mr. Williams.  The world just lost a little laughter.

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So, apparently all the hoopla over NBA racism has spread to the NFL.  US senators have called for the Redskins to change their name.

More witch hunts are sure to follow.  Normally, I would ignore such stories but the Redskins did something interesting. They refused to cave.

What really bothers me is that civil rights groups, US senators and President Obama (yes he commented as well) have nothing better to do with their time than attack a football team’s name. Is there nothing else for them to do?

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A buddy of mine and myself just saw Godzilla in IMAX 3d.  It was a truly amazing film.  The little boy in me shrieked.  I shivered with excitment and felt goosebumps all over.  There isn’t a word to describe how awesome the experience was.  I can’t convey over the Internet how I felt, how much I enjoyed that film.

The fight scenes were spectacular, and when Godzilla first appears I was giddy with excitement.  He was truly the King of all Monsters.  They did it so slowly my friend was on his seat waiting with breathless anticipation and I was trying so hard not to jump up and down like a spoiled little girl in the movie theater.  It was calculated torture, like a beautiful woman slowly, seductively removing her clothing while a man just sits there staring, fully in her grasp and power.  I hate whoever decided it should be a slow process, but damn they did it spectacularly.

The only real nitpick I have is that some of the actors could have been just a wee bit more fleshed out.  The film actors all did their jobs very well.  Yes, Bryan Cranston died early on, but he did an amazing job as Joe Brody and it felt believable when he died. To be honest though,  I didn’t go for Bryan Cranston or Ken Watanabe or David Strathairn… I went to see Godzilla.  To be more specific, I went to see Godzilla kick ass.  He did.  Life is good.

To sum it all up:  Go see Godzilla.  Right now.  It was truly amazing.

Free PDF file offered by the Rawness and written by Chinweizu Ibekwe.  It’s an amazing read and it turns the whole world upside down.

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A second shooting has occurred at Fort Hood, Texas today (April 2, 2014).  3 people have been killed and 16 have been injured.  The shooter, Spec. Ivan Lopez, committed suicide.  The investigation is still ongoing so more details will be known at a later date.

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