A second shooting has occurred at Fort Hood, Texas today (April 2, 2014).  3 people have been killed and 16 have been injured.  The shooter, Spec. Ivan Lopez, committed suicide.  The investigation is still ongoing so more details will be known at a later date.

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Do it For Denmark

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This is hilarious.

A little bit of backstory: Yes this is an incredibly late review. In a moment of hermit like anti-social foolhardiness I resisted seeing the movie for months. Upon seeing the film in theaters last week… I regret that decision tremendously. The movie is AMAZING.

Disclaimer: For the handful of individuals who haven’t seen this movie there will be spoilers.

The animation is phenomenal. Every scene is gorgeous, every character incredibly detailed and beautiful, the landscape is just awe inspiring. The snow and ice in particular is just breathtaking.

The main characters Elsa, Anna, and Kristoff are all tremendously well fleshed out. Each has their own distinct personalities. They were… human. I loved all 3 of them immensely. Hell, I even loved the sidekicks Sven and Olaf too… actually, I can’t name a single character I disliked at all.

Songs wise everyone in the world loves Let it Go. And for very good reason, Idina Menzel is incredible. The woman could put the Sirens to shame. I also personally loved Fixer Upper as the rock trolls reminded me of my family and their schemes to get me married. The other songs are still very fun and easily likeable on YouTube but just not quite in the same league. They aren’t bad or even mediocre, but Let it Go is a lot like Hakuna Matata in that it will get stuck in your head and there is not a snowballs chance in Hell you can do about it.

The story is fairly simple and very easy to follow, and manages to both tug at the heart strings and bring out the laughter of its audience. Disney presents an interesting change in lessons story wise: family comes first, and love doesn’t change someone so much as bring out their better characteristics. This is a refreshing change from the usual love changes all, ditch your family and friends for your lover morality that is so pervasive in modern media.

The only nitpick I have towards Frozen is Prince Hans was made too much of a loveable dork early on in the film to be such a power hungry bastard in the later part.

Disney’s Frozen is one of the best films, animated or otherwise, ever made. Its up there with the Lion King. 10 out of 10, A++ film. Although it is finally too late to see it in theaters (fun fact: it was in theaters for 5 months), the DVD is out, so buy it.

Old Link: Fairy Tales too Scary for Kids Says UK Parents

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A while ago I saw the Lego movie with my family.  The movie was okay, obviously meant for children… but there were some problems I saw in the film that I want to address.

1. The love triangle between Emmet, Wildstyle, and Batman.  It bothers me that young boys are basically taught to be “nice guys”, to steal girls away from other boys in the most passive aggressive manner possible and that the “bad boy” will just… back down?  The hell? Why is this particular love triangle the center of so many damn movies?  Granted, this movie showed that the girl wasn’t actually magically special but wanted to be, and was only special in the eyes of Emmet.  Props are in order for not showing the girl as a variation of the manic pixie dream girl.

2.  The main message of the film: if you believe you are special you are special.  That’s narcissism, delusions of grandeur, not actual grandeur.  Someone can sit there and think of themselves as special all they want, unless they have actual proof they aren’t special.  Also, everyone can not be special.  That’s not possible.  To paraphrase Syndrome from the Incredibles, if everyone is special then no one is special.

3.  The father as the main villain.  Because he doesn’t want his son to play his toys?  That’s… childish.  Yes, this is a movie for children, but that actually makes this message worse as teaching kids their father is a villain if he doesn’t let them play with his toys is harmful.  It’s his junk, if he doesn’t want anyone to play with it then that is his right.  This movie basically tells the toddlers in their terrible threes they are right to try and make everything theirs regardless of the owner’s viewpoint.

Now, the film was fun and all the little kids in the theater enjoyed it.  My mother and youngest brother loved it.  Hell, it even made me laugh at times.  However… the film just felt wrong.  Seeing what’s being taught as fact to kids gave me serious misgivings that I just can’t recommend it.